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Dreamy & Luxurious Maharani

Dreamy & Luxurious Maharani

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Kinjarann Koala Heat Packs

Kinjarann Koala Heat Packs

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New Door Mice!

New door mice have arrived at Thurlby!

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Goats Milk & Olive Oil Baby Range

Goats Milk & Olive Oil Baby Range – The most natural products for your most precious little people!

Newest Products

Clever Cats
Clever Cat Draught ExcluderOur very Clever Cat draught excluders will keep your house warm and the unwelcome cold air out. Available in three colours (red, blue, black) and designs.

Best Sellers

Tailor Made for Men – Thurlby Men’s Range
Blokes Soap - Thurlby Men's RangeIt can be difficult to find natural products for Men that are fragrant yet masculine. As our exclusive Tailor Made for Men Range at Thurlby is one of our most popular ranges, we are confident we have solved such problems!


Bush Blend Herb Pillow
Bush Herb Pillows - Australian fragranceThis pillow combines a mix of Australian bush plants and cultivated herbs - a blend that will lift your spirits, recreating the fresh natural fragrance of Australian wildflowers.
Scentimental Soap Display Pack
Scentimental Soap - Natural Handmade Soap Display PackScentimental - natural handmade soap in display pack of 15. A popular Thurlby Range, embossed floral designs in our famous recycled cotton fibre packaging. Lavender, Lemongrass, Rose fragrance.
Sandalwood Herbal Heat Pack – Here and Now
Sandalwood Herbal Heat Pack - Microwavable - Thurlby Natural ProductsNatural relief for stress, soreness and pain, Sandalwood Heat Packs applies dry heat, gentle pressure and herbal aromatherapy on your aches and pains. Thurlby herbal heat packs are microwavable. The "Here and Now" Thurlby range is custom printed in four designs and three colours - red, black and blue. This bright, colourful range is stylish and contemporary.