Travellers Gift Set – No Spill for your Convenience!

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Containing a Shampoo Bar, Laundry Soap & a Body Moisturiser that doubles as a lip balm! No spill for your convenience – it won’t ruin your belongings!

Pamper Pack

pamper pack 2

A gorgeous Pamper Pack from Thurbly containing a heat pack, a bliss eye pillow, a set of 3 pantry pest sachets and a set of 3 bras & undies sachets!        

Bright & Funky Flower Power Range

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Our bright & funky Flower Power range will add a pop of colour to any room. Available in drawer sachets or a set of 3 soaps.  

Scentimental Soap Display Pack

Scentimental Soap - Natural Handmade Soap Display Pack

Scentimental – natural handmade soap in display pack of 15. A popular Thurlby Range, embossed floral designs in our famous recycled cotton fibre packaging. Lavender, Lemongrass, Rose fragrance.

Sandalwood Herbal Heat Pack – Here and Now

Sandalwood Herbal Heat Pack - Microwavable - Thurlby Natural Products

Natural relief for stress, soreness and pain, Sandalwood Heat Packs applies dry heat, gentle pressure and herbal aromatherapy on your aches and pains. Thurlby herbal heat packs are microwavable.

The “Here and Now” Thurlby range is custom printed in four designs and three colours – red, black and blue. This bright, colourful range is stylish and contemporary.