Walpole Beach at Sunset, Western Australia

Natural Attractions of Walpole Wilderness

Beaches, Inlets, Rivers, Mountains & Forests

Walpole is a beautiful country town located in the Southern Forests region of Western Australia.

Set on Walpole Inlet, the town is surrounded by the Walpole Wilderness – incredible coastal scenery, 400 year old Tingle trees and Karri forests.

The Walpole Inlet connects through to the Nornalup Inlet and Frankland River, which is a world class marine park, popular with boating, canoes and great fishing.

Walpole Inlet, Western Australia

Walpole Inlet, Western Australia

Around Thurlby

Bush Walks, Forests and Mountains

Forests of Walpole, Western Australia

Forests of Walpole, Western Australia

Thurlby is 12km north of Walpole, on Gardiner Road.

Enjoy a beautiful scenic drive from Walpole out to Thurlby through old growth forest and idyllic farmland. Along the way you can stop at:

Swarbrick Art Loop – Art sculptures and environmental history of the area explained amongst a walk trail through the Karri Forest. Swarbrick is a significent place for many Walpole residents. It was here a protest camp was set up in 2,001 to protect the spectacular old growth forests of the area.

After a lovely walk, drive a short way to Thurlby Herb Farm.

Enjoy morning, afternoon tea or lunch in our Café, overlooking our beautiful gardens. Browse our giftshop and take a slice of delicious homemade cake or scones with you, out to Mt Frankland.

Mt Frankland  – Approximately 20km north of Thurlby, Mt Frankland is a very special place. Hike to the top of the mountain (along a high quality walk track and stairs) to experience amazing views of the Walpole Wilderness. The Mt Frankland National Park is home to spectacular karri forest, with walk trails, boardwalks, viewing platforms, gas bbq and picnic areas, old timber rangers hut and undercover area (with amazing handcrafted local stone work).

Canoe on the Frankland River, Walpole, Western Australia

Canoe on the Frankland River, Walpole

Wild Rivers and Pristine Inlets – Fishing, Boating or Canoe

Fernhook Falls – Picnic and camping huts on the Deep River with magnificent falls in the winter. Along the river are board walks with canoe launch. Located on Beardmore Road (20km NW of Thurlby).

Circular Pool – Explore ancient tingle and karri forest, with lookouts and boardwalk on the Frankland River. A popular place to swim on a hot day and picnic.

Walpole Inlet, Town Jetty Boat Launch

Walpole Inlet, Town Jetty

Walpole & Nornalup Inlet – Naturally permanently open to the ocean, the Walpole Inlet is connected to the Nornalup Inlet by a one kilometre long channel. The Walpole Inlet is shallow, at the most one metre deep, whereas the Nornalup Inlet is larger and deeper. Naturally beautiful and remote, lined with forests and granite outcrops, the marine park has the highest diversity of fish species in any WA estuary.

Great fishing, boating, canoeing and water based activities.
Boat launch – Walpole town jetty, Coalmine Beach boat ramp, Rest Point boat ramp and Nornalup town jetty.

Irwin Inlet – 20 kilometres east of Walpole, the Irwin Inlet is fed from the Bow and Kent Rivers. A sandbar separates the inlet from the ocean which is opened in the winter. 4 WD access is along Peaceful Bay beach. 

Spectacular Beaches – Fishing, Surfing, Swimming, Beach Walking

Beach fishing in Walpole, Western Australia

Beach fishing in Walpole

Coalmine Beach – Knoll Drive or, Coalmine Beach Rd, Walpole WA. Safe beach for children, lovely aspect for beach walking. The Walpole Yacht club is nearby, which is a popular and well used facility.

Conspicuous Cliff Beach – 15 km east of Walpole, just past the township of Nornalup. Dramatic limestone cliffs tower over the pristine beach, which is great surfing, fishing and whale watching.

Conspicious Cliff, Walpole Nornalup Western Australia

Conspicious Cliff Beach, Walpole Nornalup

Mandalay Beach – Beautiful, secluded Mandalay Beach is 13 km west of Walpole.  A Norwegian ship was wrecked on this beach in 1911. Parts of the boat can still be seen occasionally by shifting sands. Sealed road, easy boardwalk access and viewing platforms.

Peaceful Bay Great beach for children and families. Idyllic, calm and sheltered bay. Along the east of the bay is a boat launch and 4WD access along beach to Irwin Inlet.

Walpole Beaches and Coastline

Stunning Walpole Beaches and Coastline